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20.08.2018. 16:52:19
Vijesti: Sve što Vam treba, tu smo mi !

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Glavni forum foruma je kanal koji će to reći.
Predstavljanje / Odg: Pozdrav svim forumašima.
« Poslednja poruka Fannierz poslato 16.08.2018. 08:51:26 »
Važnost foruma mi je pomogla da steknem puno znanja.
Kompjuteri - generalno / Odg: novi Sagem_firmware_1704_v4.121a
« Poslednja poruka Charlotte poslato 25.07.2018. 06:32:43 »
What are the different types of forums that are relevant to me?
Predstavljanje / Odg: Pozdrav Ekipa
« Poslednja poruka Charlotte poslato 25.07.2018. 06:31:53 »
The most important medium of content for these forums is related to any subject matter.
TV i video uređaji. / DVD to LCD TV with an HDMI cable has messed up colors
« Poslednja poruka MichaelSmith poslato 15.07.2018. 14:34:33 »

I got a new TV and a new DVD player. The DVD players is a Philips DVP5990. It's an upscaling player. At the time I bought it (two weeks ago), I saw no HD TV in my future. However, my family just surprised me with an LCD TV for Christmas. It's a Sony Bravia S Series. Yesterday I bought two HDMI cables (GE brand from Target) to hook up the cable box and DVD player. I watched football last night from the cable box and everything worked great. Tested out the DVD player and the colors are completely messed up. Everything is wrongly colored and super bright neon. It looks like Andy Warhol puked on the screen. The aspect ratio is correct, however and I can see the picture just fine. It's just the colors that are so wrong. Here's what I've tried so far. I changed DVDs thinking maybe the player had a problem with the one that was in there. No change. I tried moving the HDMI cable going into the TV to the other HDMI inputs. No change there, either. I tried using the known good HDMI cable from the cable box. Still didn't change anything. From everything I can surmise, it seems like the DVD player has a problem. However, I'm a noob at this and may be missing something obvious. Anything else I should try before returning the player?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

Video production studio

Satelitska televizija / Odg: amiko mini hd
« Poslednja poruka Bumblez poslato 08.05.2018. 09:37:04 »
What is the topic of the direct media forum?
Predstavljanje / Odg: Sat risiver VIEWSAT vs2000 ultra.
« Poslednja poruka Bumblez poslato 08.05.2018. 09:36:18 »
What I want to know about this forum is that the new knowledge help me?
Internet - Web stranice / Odg: klasiTv
« Poslednja poruka Jimenaz poslato 19.04.2018. 12:24:46 »
What information did you study from which source helped me?
Predstavljanje / Odg: CAO CAO VOZDRICA :)
« Poslednja poruka Jimenaz poslato 19.04.2018. 12:24:06 »
If you want to learn more about these areas, you can learn more.
Hvala na vezi. To mi je puno pomoglo. Vrlo je korisno za mene.
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