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CCCam on Samsung 9500


CCCam on Samsung 9500


Conect sammy with your PC.

In sammy you must check this:
Go to emulator menu [0+menu]
and put this setup there:
Emulator State - ON
Emm State - ON
Sharing Mode - Hsic
That is all in you box.

Now we going in your PC.
Uznip TrumanShare_1.0.19 CCcam Plugin in your desktop.
In TrumanShare_1.0.19 folder exist plugin folder,
and tehre is Flycccam.cfg file.
Un this file you must write your c-lines from your servers.
For this you must use some txt editor like a UltrEdit.
When you write c-lines you can start TrumanShare.exe.
Here you must select comport [in my case that is comport 2].
Also you must select Hsic protokol and that is all setup.

You can see pictures for more info.

I tested all channels on HB, and i must says all channels work.


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