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18.07.2019. 08:36:35
Vijesti: Sve što Vam treba, tu smo mi !

Autor Tema: Alati za flashovanje mobitela  (Pročitano 1964 puta)

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Alati za flashovanje mobitela
« poslato: 26.08.2009. 20:33:38 »
Flashing with jdflasher.(naročito sony ericssona)
(all credit goes to diezil for this guide)

To set up jdflasher please look here = Jdflasher CID53 update - Top Sony Forums
Start up Far Manager and press Alt+F1 then 4 to stat jdflasher plugin, and you should be presented with this screen.

In the Script section choose your phone model, I’m using DB2020 (K800), in the port section choose your cable type, I’m using DCU-60 (standard USB lead that comes with the phone), in the speed section select the highest available (921600 ).

Now that we have set up jdflasher to be used with our phone press jump down into the large rabbit-hole, you should now see a screen that looks like this.

Connect your phone in the usual way, remove battery, sim card and memory card, insert the battery and press and hold the “C” button down on your phone and connect your USB lead to the phone, you should now see a screen that looks like this.

Because we are just flashing our phone we need to select “oflash” and you’ll come to a screen that looks like this (some phones will be prompted to remove the battery and reconnect to jdflasher (i.e. CID49 DB2010, just follow the on screen instructions given by jdflasher (Some phone you can press “bflash” but since we are flashing DB2020, if we do that we’ll end up bypassing security which is not needed (we’ll come to that in the patching section)).

I’ve already browsed to the Firmware files that I’ll be flashing with (see right window), if you haven’t then do so now.
Now move the cursor over your Main firmware file and press F5-copy (or you can use your mouse to drag firmware file over to the left window), now you’ll see a screen like this.
(If you have a DB2020 and plan on applying QAPatch, skip flashing Main as we do that again while applying the QAPatch)

Press copy and you’ll come to a screen like this.

We need to select flash as babe (it should be set as babe by default, but check just incase), then press “yeah flash it” lol mint.
After press flash the flashing process will begin and you’ll see a screen that looks like this.

Once the Main firmware file has finished flashing, repeat the process with the FS firmware file.

Now we have successfully flashed our phone, we need to upload a cust pack (or we will get the “Configuration Error Please Contact Your Service Provider” error message that worrys people so much lol), DO NOT SWITCH THE PHONE ON!!!

Connect your phone to jdflasher and browse to dir “/tpa/preset/custom”, this is where we place our Cust Pack, most cust packs come with lots of files named “FM_SOUNDS_HOOK_3.itm” and so on, these to me are useless they are those stupid links to the Sony Ericsson wapsite that we see while browsing our phone (in places like Pictures/Videos/Themes etc), if you do not wish to have those then simply don’t upload then, the only file we are interested in is the “Customize.xml” (and maybe” preloaded_config.xml” this file if present has some preloaded settings like data accounts, mms settings etc.
(Some Network Provider’s now require a unique Pass and Username now like T-Mobile UK, if your network requires these then the preloaded_config.xml file is also useless)
Highlight the Customize.xml file and press F5-Copy (its best to press F5 to copy this file or it has a tendency to copy to doja or drm lol).
Your phone should now look like this.

Now press “..” to move to the root or the Internal FS until jdflasher ask’s you if you would like to shut down CSLoader, select yes (if you are using CID49 DB2010 you will also be asked if you would like to restore firmware, select yes and that will flash rest file for you).
Now the phone is completely flashed and is safe to exit jdflasher and switch on the phone.

When you first switch your phone after flashing, the phone will initialize and you will see a please wait screen spear, once the loading bar has finished then the phone is ready to use.
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