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Enigma 2 RSP 3.17b TDTrev1142


RSP menu on RED button. Former RED command was moved to PLAY

- A very good and up-to-date settings list (28E-30W)is included.
We will have frequently updated lists made by EnF70, settings you can download from RSP Panel
- We recommand you, still keep AC3 downmix on for stability and fewer (or even, no) green screens.
- We also recommend to format partitions with ext3 fs.
A few words on changes since the former E2 RSP 2.02 TDT 953:


- new libplayer2
- enable keyboard and mouse support
- enigma2_01052009
- Switch to MediaPLayerExtended
- CSAT FR fix
- wma support
- mkv AAC
- vob support
- scan and recording both working
- all scan problems and "No SID in PAT", fixed


- New WEBIF by tic2000
- RSP panel reaction speed increased
- Name server issue, fixed
- Intelligent EMU management:
- each time you choose emu install, latest revision of EMU on server are checked and menu is redesigned, to include them
- in the emu start/stop menu you will see only those that you have installed
- you cannot re-install an emu if you don't remove it first
- "RECORD" labeled partition is automatically mounted on /hdd/movie; the other partitions are mounted in /tmp/[device]
- when mounting the HDD you can see only valid Linux partition
- it supports cifs; you have to enable it in the menu and edit the configuration file (var/config/amnt.cfg) using the appropriate PC IP address,
login username and password and the folder name you want to mount

i na ovom imageu također se vratila podrška za cccam (incubuscamd)


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Radi super stabilno, bez ijednog rušenja do sad...
Testirano sa emulatorom mbox 0.5 0019


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