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13.06.2021. 23:44:36
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Autor Tema: Emulator (Mgcamd) za UFS822  (Pročitano 2604 puta)

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Emulator (Mgcamd) za UFS822
« poslato: 13.04.2009. 23:07:32 »
Mgcamd za ufs822
vezija 1.25
ovo je vrlo zanimljivo, pošto ufs822 ima 2 DVB-S tunera i ima Ethernet port, pa bi to značilo da se može spojit i na cs (barem u teoriji)
evo uputa, ako netko ima taj receiver i ako isproba, neka javi:


I have the mgcamd - emu for the UFS 822 adapted and optimized
obvious PW AU integrated.

The Kathrein DVR Manager and "Samba" button, then
Simply attached the files in the folder "program to" copy.
The emulator will then be on the menu of the receiver UFS 822 under "Multimedia / Games"
- "Applications" on the script "_start_emu" executed.

With this script, the Emu initialized every 10 seconds, so that he,
if it is stuck again be stable.

For safety, I have the script "_start_emu_once" without this
Initialization written that their use can, if given a
Program would like to see that during the initialization briefly falters,
(this I have only entavio observed), then simply using the Emu
"_stop_emu" end and "_start_emu_once" reboot.

Have fun with it.

PS: Please Note: The use of Pay TV without a valid
Subscription is illegal! All files serve only research purposes!
I do not take responsibility!

Supplement 10.10.2007:
- PW AU: PW if the key has changed, then just on a PW-Channel switch and wait (not zap)
- Upgrade to base mgcamd 1.25 + minor bugfixes
- Other Busybox version added because of the Kathrein for a few commands were castrated
- Star-Update script is added. If PW AU has made it easy to
   Application menu and start the Star-Keys are automatically added
   decayed Keys will be deleted so that the list does not at some point becomes too large.
   Note: For another jungle 'softcam.key' attention,
   that the file name completely in lower case is!
Kathrein UFS910 HD (HDD 80GB)