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Enigma 2 AAF flash mod 4.49


Now it is finally over and the flash image AAF is ready.

The AAF + TDT team has allowed the necessary time to patch for the problem with LM purely to take.

TDT + AAF MOD for Flash

Our common image in January 2009.

Image Info

Enigma2 Team Ducktales Build rev709 AAF Flash Mod 4:47

Base Team Ducktales Build rev709 from 18.01.2009

Changelog since last public release:

E2 rev644 change since New Year's Image:

Team Ducktales:
+ Advanced diagnostic functions (Loading module Bug)
+ Loading Modules Bug Workaround (1w)
+ Performance improvements
+ CI module improves handling
VFD + memory error fix
MKV H264 + Start / Stop fix
+ DTS MKV playback
+ Better rewind buttons on m2ts/trp/vob in 1 / 3 4 / 6 7 / 9
+ Symbol rates patch 30000000
+ Full Picture Player
+ Network Test should work now
+ Tuxtxt fix (Videotext should now run without SWAP)

+ AAF pannels v1.3 (cifs, hddsleep, samba server, powerbotton)
+ SoftCam Panel 0:11
+ Aspect ratio in Media Player / DVD player with changeable OK
+ Mount for movies in the IMG / RAR container
+ New Version 3.3 Amount me CIFS mount support
+ Umount when device is removed
+ HDD Standby (set on AAF panel automount)
+ OSD Screenshot in WebIF
+ Emu Control in WebIF
+ Remote WebIF replaced
+ WAP Fix
+ Keymap adapted
+ AAF Default Skin v.1.1.0
+ Channel number / Satinfo in infobar
+ AAF Modnummer in ImageInfo
+ EcmInfo thx max
+ Samba Server Support (only with the stick extension)

Thanks to team for the super Ducktales base image and all of this image allows and have tested.

eto stavio ja ovu enigmu u flash i gle čuda, nakon što sam otišao u blue panel(AAF panel) -> softcam panel eto green screena i enigma se neće više bootat, još nije vrijeme za ubacivanje enigme, držmo se mi aaf oriđiđi imagea još neko vrijeme
sada idemo popravljat flash  :D :D :D


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