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Enigma 2 All in one-> Enigma2 Flash AAF MOD 1.0 (rev 383)


Eto događaju se lijepe stvari za Kathreina. Izašla E2 koja radi u flashu sa emulatorima Kbox, mbox, camd3. (incubus kažu da ne radi)

Upute za instalaciju:
1, download file from here hxxp://,com_remository/func,fileinfo/id,129/

2, extract files

3, run kcc3

4, as I already had aaf2.0e_flash in my flash I just used the new option in kcc3 next to "barry allen" tab "flash"

5, put box into stand by with clock showing on display.

6, Go to images folder, load if you dont have it already in your box and when loaded, set up network settings and ensure that you turn the clock on in display and then put box into stand by.

7, load the using the flash tab in kcc3 and then flash box.

8, turn off box when finished for at least 20 seconds, then turn back on and watch

9, I then loaded settings DM800-ROTOR@likra9[1].10.08 using dreamset220

10, then download cam off aff plugins and away you go, all you need to do then is change your peers or cwshare.cfg.


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