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TDT Enigma2 rev439 AAF MOD 4.0



release notes

Team Ducktales:

DivX Testchanges
Portmap starts with booting
Python Update to version 2.6 (lesser Greenscreens in menus!)
HDMI & YUV drivers separated
Modulehandling changed for better support en50221 modules

AddonManager 0.43
Web Interface changed to default port 80 for easy access
Tar bug fixed
New AAF Glacial Skin
New AAF Softcam Panel V0.7
SoftCam notification in menu switchable
VFD brightness setting in OSD
Sherlock Plugin mapped to red button in AAF menu
Changes in graphics (Menu/Tuxtext)
Cogwheels animation replaced by satellite animation
Spinwheel selector added (several animations)
Autoswap for NFS
Videomode change to rev210 not needed anymore

Bootloader Uboot 1.3.1, or Image with Second Stage Bootloader (2nd Bootloader for USB Boot) for example in AAF 2.0e, or modified Kathrein 1.06 Image with 2nd Bootloader.
Also possible with NFS.



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