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SatChannelListEditor 2.5

Channel list editor for UFS821, UFS822 and UFS910.

Version 2.5

New features:

* Polish as the language set (by Samezrp)
* Create new satellites (UFS821/UFS822/UFS910-XML)
* Edit existing satellites (UFS821/UFS822/UFS910-XML/UFS910-RAW)

Fixed bugs:

* In UFS910-RAW mode is in some lists a satellite channel called 'Last scan' displayed
* New ranging favorites after a renaming can no longer be assigned to broadcasters (UFS821/UFS822)
* Newly created and then renamed the favorites lose save their new name (UFS821/UFS822)
* Data services are as TV station appear
* In the dialog to edit / create a new channel, the satellites in the ComboBox not sorted
* In the dialog to edit / re-create a channel are the transponder in the ComboBox not sorted
* It is not possible a new channel list itself. One can only open an existing and then. (Fixed for UFS821/UFS822/UFS910-XML)

SatChannellist Editor v2.7 with installer for Kathrein

setting kathrein by @leis_05.10.08

4 satelity: Astra19°-Hot13°-Astra23°-Sirius5°

SatChannelListEditor 2.7

New features:

* Croatian language adjustable (by Bambi)

Fixed bugs:

* Exception editing or creating a channel where satellites in the channel list, for which there is no transponder in the channel list
* Exception if one is in TreeView after several broadcasters via DEL key will delete
* For navigation in the TreeView using arrow keys will not be the appropriate channels in the overall list
* You can not several favorites the same name


* On Windows, Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0 or later installed (If the installation of the editor automatically installed!)
* Linux must V1.2.5.1 mono or later installed

Kathrein settings @ djcrash

--- Kod: ---[b]23-10-2008 v1.23

- Satellite: Hotbird 13E and 19E Astra
- Prio list of numbers and q / m * box

> 23.10.08
Dedicated to soft: updated channel and the package of TPS, uaktualnoino EN NG
Soft E2:
         -Removed a problem with zacinaniem channels HD
-Added bouquets: Polish, Fables, TNK, XXX
Updated-channel and[/b]
--- Kraj koda ---


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